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Billing starts post WhatsApp approval

Includes 2,000 unique active monthly contacts

All features unlocked with this plan



Get 2x credits for every message that you send in the first month.
1 credit = Re 1

Earn upto Rs 10,000 - Valid for 12 months

*Redeemable against WhatsApp Notifications

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  • Official WhatsApp Business API approval and setup
  • WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox with UNLIMITED logins
  • Bulk WhatsApp Notifications with UNLIMITED WhatsApp template approvals
  • APIs to automate WhatsApp notifications
  • No Surcharge on WhatsApp notifications prices. Pay exactly what WhatsApp charges you!
  • Send and Receive media files with no storage limit
  • No additional charge for green tick application

Per user pricing applicable post inbuilt usage

2001-5000 ‍
Rs. 1.25/active user
Re 1/active user
Re 0.75/active user
Re 0.5/active user
Re 0.25/active user

Have questions?

We have some of the frequently asked questions covered below.

When can I start using interakt?

interakt works on top of WhatsApp APIs. As the official business service provider for WhatsApp, we enable you to get access to these APIs.

You can start using interakt within 15 mins of your WhatsApp approval process being done. Getting you approved is on us and your billing will start only once you are approved by WhatsApp.

Is there a free trial?

Currently, there is no free trial available on interakt. As we work with official WhatsApp APIs, your business needs to go through an approval process with Facebook which limits our ability to offer you a free trial.

We do not require a minimum commitment from you. You can use interakt for just one month and discontinue if it does not meet your requirements.

How does interakts pricing work?

There are two components to the pricing:

1. Monthly subscription for interakt is Rs. 999/month. This is our introductory pricing and includes all our currently available features. With this introductory pricing, you will also get access to all the new features that we release based on your feedback.
The Rs. 999 subscription lets you manage WhatsApp relations with 2000 unique users in a given month. Post 2000 unique users, the following per user billing rates apply:

2,000-10,000 --------> Re 1/active user
10,000-50,000 ------> Re 0.5/active user
50,000+ ---------------> Re 0.25/active user

2. WhatsApp charges: These are billed on actuals (For messages sent after 24 hours of users' message, WhatsApp charges per message. For India, this is around ~32p per message). We pass on this cost on actuals to you.

Is there a $ pricing?

All our plans are billed in INR. If you wish to pay in a different currency, you can estimate the approximate cost of our subscriptions based on the conversion rates.

For reference, Rs 999/month would be $15/month.

To understand WhatsApp pricing in dollars, please visit:

interakt is cheaper than any WhatsApp API solution. Is there a catch like a one-time setup fee?

No, there is no one-time setup fee involved. We have a very transparent per-month pricing that is completely aligned with your business growth.

We get the access to WhatsApp Business API for your brand for FREE and your subscription charges are levied only once your approval is done.

We have worked hard to bring down the cost of such an all-in-one WhatsApp Business solution. As we are an official WhatsApp API provider, you get the complete benefit of our effort to reduce the cost.

Tell me more about interakts subscription charges and what is an active monthly contact/user?

interakt’s pricing is designed to be aligned with your usage of the product. We support unlimited logins enabling your team members to reach out to your customers using interakt’s inbox or notifications.

interakt’s usage is calculated based on the number of unique active customers that you reach out to via interakt in a given month. This could be your users messaging you on your WhatsApp number or you sending a notification to them. For an active contact in a month, you can have as many chats as you want with them and it will not impact your billing.

Our pricing tiers per user for 2000+ contacts are as follows:

2,000-10,000 --------> Re 1/active user
10,000-50,000 ------> Re 0.5/active user
50,000+ ---------------> Re 0.25/active user

What does no surcharge on WhatsApp charges mean?

When you send a notification to your customer via WhatsApp APIs, they are chargeable if your customer has not spoken to your WhatsApp number in the last 24 hours. We pass these charges on actuals to you. This is in addition to the interakt subscription charge that you pay to us for all the advanced functionalities.

To understand WhatsApp pricing in dollars, please visit:

But WhatsApp is free. What does WhatsApp charges mean?

When you send a notification to your customer via WhatsApp APIs, they are chargeable if your customer has not spoken to your WhatsApp number in the last 24 hours. The charges depend on the country code of your customers’ WhatsApp account. We pass these charges on actuals to you.

To see the WhatsApp charges per country, please visit:

How many team members/agents can I add to my interakt account?

interakt supports unlimited agent logins in any pricing plan that we offer. You can add as many team members as you need for your business.

How are monthly active contacts calculated?

An active monthly contact is defined as a user that you have successfully exchanged atleast one message with (incoming or outgoing) in a given billing cycle. The count is reset every month.

The Rs. 999 plan has 2,000 such unique monthly contacts included in it. Post which the following per-user pricing is applied in the month where you exceed the built-in usage:

2,000-10,000 --------> Re 1/active user
10,000-50,000 ------> Re 0.5/active user
50,000+ ---------------> Re 0.25/active user

For an active contact, you can have as many conversations in the given billing period. The number of messages exchanged with the user will not impact the billing.

How can I get the WhatsApp Business Verified green tick?

Businesses that have been granted the Official Business Account (OBA) status on WhatsApp, get a green tick besides their business name. This results in the display name of the number being shown by default, without the WhatsApp business number being explicitly saved by your users.

As we are a WhatsApp Business solution provider, we can apply for the green tick on your behalf for free, once you have supported 50+ users on WhatsApp via interakt. However, we can not influence WhatsApp's decision with regard to approving your green tick. Their decision in this regard would be final. Multiple factors such as brand credibility, your following on social media and your domain ranking can influence your green tick approval.

To request for a green tick verification, you can simply connect with our support team and send in a request. Once your request for the green tick is approved, your number will automatically be displayed as your business name, to your users along with the green tick. This will show that your business is verified.

If your application for the green tick is rejected, it does not impact your ability to use interakt or WhatsApp business API.

Can I use my existing WhatsApp number with interakt?

Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number with interakt. However, you will need to first delete the account linked to that, prior to onboarding with interakt. To know more about how to delete your WhatsApp account, please visit:

In fact, you can provide any number that can receive an OTP to be used for interakt - this could be a virtual number or a regular SIM number. However, a phone number already being used with the WhatsApp Business API cannot be migrated to interakt. You will have to then provide a different phone number.

Once we connect the number with interakt, it will not work with other WhatsApp Apps and will work only with interakt’s dashboard. If it is a virtual number that is tied to interakt, then normal voice calls can be made as usual, but WhatsApp voice and video calls cannot be supported via WhatsApp Business API.

To know more, please visit:

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