Shared Team Inbox

Explore interakt's shared team inbox for WhatsApp Business.

interakt’s WhatsApp inbox enables you and your team to access, create and send WhatsApp messages while having full context about the user.

In this module, we'll help you understand how the inbox is structured. Here are the three features that we will cover:

Inbox layout
How to assign and reassign chats?
How to open and close chats?


Inbox layout

• interakt’s Shared Team Inbox for WhatsApp Business has been built to help you and your team connect easily with your users on WhatsApp.

You can not only send and receive messages, but you can do all that while having full context about the user.

interakt’s inbox has essentially three higher level views, i.e. All, You and Unassigned.

The ‘Unassigned’ view shows the chats in your organisation that no one has looked into yet.

The ‘You’ view shows you your personal view of the inbox, i.e. chats that you are currently replying to. 

And the ‘All’ view, gives you an idea of all the conversations across your team.

You also have two subsections under each view -  i.e. ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’.

These sections are here to help you split up the chats that you are actively looking into from the ones that you are not.

You can also sort the chats from Oldest on top to Newest on top.

By default all the chats in the inbox are stacked from the newest to the oldest but you can choose to toggle between the two as you prefer.

In the center portion of the inbox is the chat & composer section. You can type out the message that you want to send to your user here and then hit send.

The user will then see your message on their WhatsApp Chat screen. You can send regular text messages or you can share media like images, videos and documents. The media file size will be the same as what WhatsApp supports.

On the right-hand side of the inbox, you have a set of Smart Cards. These Cards not only give you a lot of information about the user at one glance, but also records user information based on your conversations.

a. Personal Details Card: Whenever a user sends you a message, interakt captures their name that’s given on WhatsApp along with their phone number and any other parameters that you define automatically and displays it on this card.

b. Tag: You can use this card to define and add relevant tags to classify your users.

c. Notes: In the Notes Card, you can create and view notes specific to the user.

d. Conversation History Card: This card gives you an overview of all the previous chats with the user.

e. Events: With the help of API integration you can define and capture web and app events of your users which will then be shown in the Events Card.

Assign & Reassign Chats

To assign or reassign a chat, you need to head over to a chat head and right-click on it - you then get a drop-down with all the teammates you’ve got on interakt. You can then simply assign it to any of them.

You also have the option to do this from your chat screen. You can click on the three dots and you will get the same drop-down of your teammates. You can then assign the chat to one of them.

Open & Close Chats

With interakt you can easily mark your inactive conversations as Closed and keep only the active ones in your Open section.

To mark a conversation as ‘Closed’ you can click on the ‘Tick’ icon on the chat screen. A ‘Closed’ chat is automatically made open if a user replies back or if you choose to message the user.

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