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interakt lets you invite as many members as you need onboard. 

In this module, we’re going to see:

How To Add Team Members And Assign Permissions To Them?
How To Change Permissions For Each Role In Your Team?


How To Add Team Members And Assign Permissions To Them?

To add a teammate, head to the settings dashboard and click on ‘Team Settings’. Note that you would be able to do this only if your assigned role on interakt is that of an Owner. We will explain below how role assignment works.

In this dashboard, you can see the details of all the existing team members on board your interakt account along with the role assigned to each member.

You can then click on ‘+Add Member’ to add a new team member on interakt.

You will then get this box to fill in details of your team member. Along with the contact details, you will also need to assign a role to every member. There are 3 roles on interakt, they are - Owner, Admin and Teammate. You can see the permissions for each of these roles in the Access Permissions page.

Once you fill in all the details and click on ‘Add Member’, your teammate will receive an email invite with the login credentials to join your account on interakt.

You also have the option to manage your teammates - you can choose to edit their details or remove them from your interakt account by clicking on delete.

How To Change Permissions For Each Role In Your Team?

In the Access Permissions Page, you will see permissions assigned to every role.
Any member assigned the role of an Owner has access to all the features by default. This cannot be changed.

For the other 2 roles which are Admin and Teammate, you can use these toggles to provide or block access to a particular feature. By default, members assigned as Admin or Teammate won't be able to access the Team Settings and Access Permissions pages. 

Which means that you can change these permissions only if the role assigned to you is that of an Owner.
So, for example, if you want to restrict access to the ‘Export Users’ feature to all members whose role is Admin, you can toggle off the switch beside ‘Allow to Export Users’. Once that is done, all members in your team having the role as Admin will not be able to Export Users from the All Users page. 

Similarly you can restrict access to some other features like Adding Users, Bulk Tagging Users from the All Users page, Access to Billing Section, Access to your organization’s API key and access to the Whatsapp Business Setup for your profile. 

In this way, you can create a 3 level hierarchy for permissions in your organization, which can thereby help you keep your interakt account more secure.

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